Do you know any selection skills for stepper motors

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A stepper motor is an induction motor that uses an electronic circuit to convert direct current into a multiphase sequential control current for time-sharing power supply. By using this current to power the stepper motor, it can operate normally.The used for time-sharing power supply ,which is a multiphase sequential controller.

There are various types and prices of stepper motors in the market, so how to choose the one that suits you? What are some tips?

First you should know that a stepper motor
is composed of three main elements: current, static torque, and step angle. Basically, once these three elements are determined, the model of the stepper motor can be determined.

1.Current selection: For motors with the same static torque, their operating characteristics vary greatly due to different current parameters. You can determine the current of the motor based on the torque frequency characteristic curve.

2.Selection of static torque: It is difficult to determine the dynamic torque of a stepper motor at once. We usually first determine the static torque of the motor, and the selection of static torque depends on the load of the motor. This load can be divided into two types: inertia load and friction load, without a single inertia load and a single friction load. When starting directly, two types of loads should be considered. Inertial load is mainly considered during the acceleration process, while frictional load is only considered during constant speed operation. Generally, the static torque should be within 2-3 times the frictional load. Once the static torque is selected, the frame and length of the motor can be determined.

3.Selection of step angle: The step angle of the motor depends on the load accuracy requirements. The minimum resolution of the load is converted to the motor axis, and each equivalent motor should travel at a certain angle. The step angle of the motor should be equal to or less than this angle.

Although stepper motors have been widely used, they are not like ordinary DC motors. AC motors, when used in general, must be composed of double ring pulse signals, power drive circuits, and other components to form a control system before they can be used.