Life Stories

Any ages, memoirs, life diaries, personal narratives


Inspite of the odds, conquests, triumphant goals


More then one leg, no legs, wings and fins

Community Spirit

Neighbourly deeds, marvellous money feats


Impressive acts of heroism, uplifting, confronting danger


Blood clan, kin, in-laws, out-laws. Mates you can count on


Terrifying, alarming, gives you goosebumps, makes you scream


Giggles, guffaws, jokes and smiles


Crazy about, devoted to. Lose your heart to


Globe-trotting, excursions, expeditions, ventures

Laser Engraver Product Ideas (Wood, Glass & Metal)

More and more people are getting into the laser engraving industry, and for good reason.

Der Störsender öffnet das Smart Lock in wenigen Sekunden

Richtige Verwendung und Wartung von Störsendern

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What does the durability of a sex doll depend on

What does the durability of a sex doll depend on

Paper and Cardboard Laser Engraving Projects

The Sculpfun laser engraver is the best laser engraver for paper, wood, leather, acrylic, rubber, fabric, glass and many other different projects.

This is a great opportunity for you and your family to pass on and record various life experiences that may be lost with time.

Whether they are fiction or non-fiction, we want you to tell us a story. Share your laugh out loud moments or marvel at the extraordinary feat in another’s life story.

We are also giving away Kindle Book Readers for the best judged story in each category. So you might just walk away with a nice prize! You can submit as many stories as you wish. allows you to preserve your family history and special memories and share with generations to come.