How do I write a story?
When you tell a friend about a funny incident in your day, you have just told a story! It is just that simple. Sometimes, the biggest obstacle is just getting down to writing it.

Here are a few tips to getting that story down on paper.

1. Keep it simple: Everyone has their own story to tell. Simply write your memory in your own words. It doesn’t matter how long or short it is at first, just write. After you have written your story, only then, reread what you have written and make amend where you think necessary.

2. BME: Make sure you have a Beginning, a Middle and an End. This may sound obvious, but ensuring this, will allow your story to have a natural flow.

3. Writers Block: This happens to the greatest writers. If you cant think of anything to write, just take a time out. Go read a book, make a cup of tea or call a friend for a chat. Then, when you are ready, go back and try again. Don’t let the blank screen put you off. Write something, anything, than it is no longer a blank screen.

4. Keeping it in the family: For those of you who are writing a personal/family history, speak to other family members who may have shared moments with you. You never know what memories you may have forgotten!

5. We all make mitsakes: Don’t forget to do a spell check!

6. Don’t be shy: When you have finished your story, allow someone close to you to read it. They may have some valuable imput or point out some typos you may not have previously noticed.

7. Take 2: If you decide to video your story, make sure you are in a comfortable enviornment and you are relaxed. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a cup of tea while filming. Take your time and speak slowly, we want to enjoy your story with you.

And you can also put up a good fiction story, as long it is written by yourself, so put your thinking cap on.
How do I put my story on your website?
First you have to register and create an account with us. This is FREE and it’s easy. Simply go into our website, click on Register and then follow the instructions to Create an account. You will need a valid email address to do this and you will be asked for a Username (your own name or name of your choice, but choose well as this can’t be changed at a later date). You will be asked for a password and for a Profile name (this can be changed). Your profile name is the name under which you will submit your stories. Readers will see your Profile name. Choose any name you want! Use your own name or if you’re feeling a little shy, then make up a name. There is an option to fill in your Age and Gender and if you want to enter our competition you will need to fill in both of these boxes. However, if you want to write stories just for the fun of it’s not necessary to fill in these boxes. Select Complete Sign Up You will receive an email from us within a few minutes. Open the email and click on the link to activate your account. Once you’ve done this, simply login with your Username (not your Profile Name!), enter your password and go into the category option of your choice Submit Life Story (max 2000 words), Submit Short Story (max 700 words), Submit Video Story (max 2 mins) and follow the instructions.
How many stories can I write?
As many as you like, there is no limit!
How do I create an account?
Creating an account is FREE and easy. To begin, press Register, on the top right of your screen and follow the instructions to Create an Account. You will be asked to create a password and login name. Make sure the information you include is all lower case. You will be asked for a valid email address where we will email you a link to activate your account and validate your email address. Once you have followed the emailed link, your account is ready.
Is their a any cost associated with this site?
No, everything is FREE, whether it is setting up an account, reading stories or anything else. There is no charge what so ever. So enjoy reading the stories and submit a story or two.