What kind of laser engraver do I need to engrave metal?

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Attention Atomstack users, there is some big news for you. On August 20th we launched a new Atomstack R30 IR fiber laser module to complement the previous model. ,
As you know, diode lasers are great for engraving and cutting wood, but not so good for engraving metal and plastic. Infrared fiber laser modules are especially important if you have a lot of needs in metal engraving. ,
Some time ago, Atomstack released a M4 laser marking machine, powered by infrared laser, but easy to carry, the working area is only 70*70mm.
It is worth mentioning that the Atomstack R30 infrared laser module is very safe and belongs to the cold light source, which will not cause damage to human skin, and will not produce fireworks during the engraving process.