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Omega has been using sports watches since the 1940s when designing the dials of today’s Chronoscope watches. At the time, Omega and other brands really focused on maximizing the practicality of chronographs. Therefore, many watches of the time had three practical scales on the dial, many of which are still used for chronograph decoration purposes today. The name of the Chronoscope and the design concept of this dial predates the name of Speedmaster by at least ten years replica watches uk. I mention this because the distinctive appearance of the Speedmaster is partly due to the speedometer scale on the bezel that measures speed. The tachymeter scale has been used on the watch dial for a long time, and you can use it again on the bezel of the Chronoscope watch.

Other scales on the dial include a telemeter (used to measure the distance of an object) and a pulse meter (used to measure the heart rate), provided that the user has the correct reference point. The calculation is performed by observing the reference point and then starting the chronograph. Once the second reference point is observed, the chronograph will be manually stopped and the correct measurement value will be read where the chronograph stopped. Since this chronograph operation can be used for many purposes, the dials of the popular watches at the time contained various scales on the dial. The challenge for designers is just how to make a busy dial still look attractive.

Some tachymeter/rangefinder/pulseometer watches have a spiral “snail” scale on the dial. For the Chronoscope, Omega chose a more symmetrical appearance, which contains several concentric circles containing important scale information, while not significantly distracting the legibility of the core dial. Most of Omega’s time scales use Arabic hour numerals, combined with traditional leaf pointers, so that most models are very readable. The blue and brown dial versions have polished markings and hands, which are not as easy to read as the blue or black markings and hands on other versions of Chronoscope.

Speedmaster Chronoscope Co-Axial Master Chronometer has a thinner case, a box-shaped sapphire crystal glass on the dial, a retro-style chronograph dial and a manual winding movement. It is a unique value proposition, not just an existing watch Another flavor of the new dial. In fact, Omega seems to implicitly understand that consumers really don’t regard the extra dial as a reason to call a timepiece “new”. As a result, we saw a company making a lot of new parts in this area and cleverly blending concepts, as well as many other new Omega watches that we have been seeing. I also want to emphasize that anyone interested in the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph should give it a try.

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