Why do you need to limit the power of the laser pointer

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Although most countries have clear power limits for laser pointers, the power levels of commercially available Burning Laser Pointers vary greatly. Some laser pointers have a clear power mark, and some only mark the category. The unit for measuring the energy of a laser pointer is watts, the lowest is 3 milliwatts (ie 0.003 watts), and there are powers of 100, 200, 300, and 500 milliwatts. Some sellers even claim that their laser pointers can reach 10 watts. . The prices of these laser pointers are also different. The cheapest is only tens of dollars, and the most expensive is hundreds of dollars.

It only takes 15 seconds for a high-power laser pointer to light a cigarette

Compared with lighting a match, it takes a little longer to light a cigarette, but it is also very fast. The reporter focused the laser pointer again and irradiated a cigarette 10 cm away. The reporter observed that when the Laser Pointer beam hit the cigarette butts, there was smoke. After 15 seconds, a red light flashed at the cigarette butt, and the cigarette was lit. The reporter then irradiated the newspaper with the focused laser pointer, and the newspaper immediately emitted a puff of smoke. When the irradiation time lasted for 10 seconds, the newspaper 10 cm away from the laser pointer was burned with a hole, and the newspaper on the lower layer was burned with a black line.

Remind that the laser pointer cannot irradiate others at will

The country has established clear standards for the safety of laser products. However, the reporter found that some high powered laser sold on the Internet did not clearly indicate the manufacturer’s name and classification. As for the possible harm of the laser pointer to the human body, it did not mention a word. When using the laser pointer, do not let the laser beam directly irradiate the eyes. “Professor Yang said, because this kind of damage is irreversible, especially this kind of high-power laser pointer, it can’t be used for children to avoid unnecessary harm.

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