The future development of laser pointer is prospected

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The laser pointer 5000mw is equipped with a cesium photocell or photoresistor that is sensitive to red light. The circuit is not too complicated and can be used for automatic control. Microcomputers are very popular in schools now. If coupled with the application of laser, can be said to be more powerful, is expected to create a new situation in school management and teaching. Laser micro-nano machining, as a multidisciplinary integration and multi-field technology, can meet the requirements of large size, high precision and high efficiency, and will become an important development direction of laser processing in the future. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, laser manufacturers in the upstream of the industry chain are also forced to adopt low price competition strategy. This has much to do with the current downturn in the real economic environment. Applications of ultra-fast lasers, on the other hand, are still in the early stages of development. In addition to a few areas of large-scale application, it is more urgent to seek new breakthroughs. In technology, domestic laser manufacturers also need to constantly improve product quality and stability, narrow the gap with foreign products. As the old saying goes, the future is bright, but the road is bumpy.

Laser pointer technology is becoming more mature

Compared with traditional mechanical fine processing, laser micro-nano processing technology is more accurate, accurate and fast, involving welding, cutting, marking, punching, heat treatment, molding and other processing technologies on the micro scale. With the industrial application of ultrashort pulse laser becoming mature, ultrashort pulse red laser pointer micro-nano processing technology will open up a wider application field and become an indispensable weapon in many industries. At present, laser is in the “golden age” of development. The core power of the development of industrial laser lies in the continuous penetration and substitution of laser technology to the traditional process. Laser technology and technology have also gone into reverse due to the increasing demand for laser equipment in the industrial market. Progress, in high power macro machining and precision micro – nano machining two directions of the pace of progress obviously accelerated.

Will laser Pointers shine on the Moon in the future?

What is the probability of a Burning Laser Pointers illuminating the moon? Of course, I can tell you with certainty that the probability is zero. It must have powerful equipment and advanced science and technology to light up the moon. As scientists continue to research, it is highly possible that in the future, scientists will develop such a laser pointer that can shine on the moon.

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