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Before moving on , I am not a writer , I do not intend on correcting every mistake or following a format of any kind. That’s is the way I want to look at my life , the same way I look at writing this no rules, no format, no right or no wrong. It scares me to my bare bone that some of the largest factors of your life is based on another persons opinion. Opinions are a hero , a heroine and a villian all in one. It’s lately I’ve noticed how one persons opinion can break another’s confidence but also build it up. How some people thrive of others opinions and how people that say they don’t care … care. I know girls who can not dress them self in the morning without consulting with five other people on wether or not she looks okay. My exams that I’ve went through years apon years of schooling for is set by someone’s opinion on what question they want to ask. Your dreams job in life can be refused form you because your interviewers opinion of you wasn’t good. How people try so hard to be some one they are not to get a good opinion from others. I know I am rambling on a pointless rant over something I can not change but it’s out there now. It’s a wishful dream having a world where opinions don’t matter and people don’t care.