Life of an escort

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It all began 4years ago. I was feeling highly low and in need of desperate money,my sister introduced me to the world of escorting. I wish I knew back then what I know now. It’s not all money and excitement. My first client let’s call him john was an Irish man looking for a female to entertain him. First few times (in one night) I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to made over £500 in 3 hours drinking wine having a laugh. Sounds amazing right? Let me just add I was 20years old. Then more clients came to light I was scared everytime walking up to there door I never knew who I would have to entertain that night. But the money well that was thrilling on it’s own. Some clients made me sick to my stomach everytime they touched me or looked at me but I knew it was my job. I lost myself my soul my purpose I soon began crying in the shower as I scrubbed them of me crying myself to sleep wondering why did I do this to myself. I would wake up sore bruised and didn’t recognise myself who was i? I had two men take videos of me doing what seemed at the time slow torture to myself. I couldn’t go to the police all I had was these strange men word they removed the videos. Apart of me knows they didn’t. My best friend at the time told me to stop but I couldn’t walk away from the money. In those 4years I have counted I have slept with over 2thousand and 35 men. Try telling a male partner that! Men wanted me for my body not my mind and it has damaged me emotionally I know many won’t understand but I miss me 4years on and I can’t let anybody touch me. So ladies and gentleman,don’t do something because you have to,might not seem it but it may cause more damage than you know