A fatherless child

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Hi I have a beautiful 1 year old! I love her to death but my life lately just feels torn apart like her father dosent even care for her he dosent want to see her or be apart of her life he has other kids he takes care of them but my daughter he dosent even care to see her or text to see how she doing or if she needs anything, my life that i want for my daughter feels like shit at the moment all because of this man that dosent want to be there for his child . I dreamed my daughter wold have her father in Her life that he would love and protect her he would never let her down but thats been nothing but a dead end a child deserves the father in their life! Just because you dont like the mother dosent mean you shouldnt want your child the child didnt ask to be here! So no matter what the condition is you should love all your children the same you shouldnt have favortism towards each child! My daughter is very innocent she dosent know whats going on she dosent know why her father dosent want to be in her life. My heart is so heavy for my daughter all because she is clueless about why her father isnt around and why she hasnt seen him in months! If you have a child by a woman that you dont like then just take care of your child forget about the woman whats important is that childs innocent life a life that wasnt asked to be here!