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i don’t know you
and you probably don’t know me
but maybe this way we can finally meet
so if you’re feeling really down
and you feel lost and alone
just read this, i promise it’s true
this is for you
I know how you feel right now,
so don’t think for a second that you’re alone
if you want to hurt yourself or just end it all
let me first say
you are beautiful
and no one can take that away from you
just remember
i’ll never judge you for what you like
or don’t like
cause we’re all different
but why can’t we be different together
i’m not pretending i’m okay
or i’m feeling better now
i still feel alone most of the time
but when i do
i just think of you
’cause the world feels a little bit better with you
and i don’t feel so alone anymore
so when you still feel alone
let me just tell you
i love you
and I’ll always love you
cause i know how it feels like
to feel so unwanted
so isolated from the world
even when you think i’m just saying this without any reason
i’m not
i really do love you
and when you need someone to talk to
or just someone to listen
i am here
and i care