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14th may,2014 The day is not easy for me…I am in hometown during the summer vacation.It seems as if I am going through another breakup .but no ,it was not a breakup ,since I was not in a relationship ,the thing was that old oneside intense love,you guys know well who have gone through this. Today,I talked to him last time.Now its time to open it up how I came to that situation…
year 2014,second semester ,M.Sc physics ,IIT … I was passing through the ground floor corridor with my friends. we were four .All-time we used to go anywhere together,it maybe eating a during short class break or it may be toilet not for the purpose for which toilet is used but for getting relief after the heavy pathetic boring period s.More irritating thing was that no teachers didn’t leave the last five minutes ,that seems to them very important for completing the course s,they weren’t worthy even if any student is sleeping or getting ready with his bag to fly before the next class begins.Like a ordinary day,I was approaching to the canteen with one of gang member,Rai.She is the battery to keep us alive from this monotonous life, all-time she used to cheer up us,Rai was very softhearted and childish too.That day he was coming from the opposite side. It was not our first meeting,we met with each other one month before while going to home after first semester ,I only knew he is bengali ,nothing more than that,I talked to him in a light way ,he also recognized me. Rai and I was very happy,another goodlooking
handsome bengali guy,who will take chance on him, though she was in relationship ,but who cares
.It was just fun,we all-time do it.Next day I met him again more surprinsingly,talked to him and came to know about his department,and name.Rai helped me a lot,otherwise I had no courage to get such primary informations which will be quite helpful to find him in facebook. :-p That evening I Seached his name,and got that not in facebook but doing GOOGLE-Search.I told Rai to send him friend req,I thought I should wait if he sends me request or not.

to be continued……..