The Place of Lasers in Our Lives

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Ever since lasers (originally an acronym for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation’) were invented in the mid twentieth century, they have proved to be incredibly useful in a variety of spheres. Lasers work by concentrating light into a tight beam and keeping it focused over long distances. Some lasers can also focus light in single colors. So, for instance, a purple laser pointer will emit a steady stream of light in the wavelength of purple light. Other lasers can also be used to emit short bursts or pulses of light.

Because of the high power of a concentrated beam of light, laser technology is often used in the medical and manufacturing industry where precision cutting is required. It also has a number of everyday uses, some of them quite unexpected. The advantages lasers have over torchlight are many, and particularly so because the coherent light remains bright even in daylight. While low powered lasers for home use are not powerful enough to cause burns, they may still cause temporary disturbance of vision when pointed at the eye.
Applications of Lasers in Everyday Life

1. In the Medical and Cosmetic Fields
In the medical profession, laser power shows up in everything from dental drills to eye surgery instruments. The technology offers a precision cutting ability that few other man-made equipment can and it is therefore used in delicate and bloodless surgery. Kidney stone treatment and laser healing are some other applications. A lower powered laser pen is often used for external therapy. 50Mw pens can be used to reduce chronic aches and pains, stimulate blood circulation, improve the immune system and nerve function and have other medical benefits. Lately doctors have been using the technology to detect malaria rather than using blood work. It is also used for treating a variety of skin ailments, hair replacement, tattoo removal etc.

2. In Industries and the Military
Lasers are used in high precision and high speed cutting of small machine parts and they leave smooth finishes on the cut pieces. They are also used in lithography, welding materials, measuring of parts without contact and in material heat treatment. Because they are bright even in sunlight, lasers can be used for signaling in search and rescue operations. The military uses them for detecting enemy submarines and missiles, in measuring systems, law enforcement systems that are used to mark targets and for measuring speed and range. The technology is also used to blind troops, guiding munitions and as an alternative to radar. Law enforcement uses it for detecting fingerprints.

3. At Home and the Boardroom
At home, low powered lasers are used in CD and DVD lenses. The laser pointer is used in the boardroom and in classrooms to highlight information on a presentation or as a Brightest Led Flashlight. You wouldn’t be able to do this with a torch because the light of a torch is not as focused as a laser, nor does it travel long distances in a narrow beam. Lasers are also used in bar code scanners, laser printers, laser light displays at entertainment venues and more.

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