Mother father, Father where?

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The two who I call my mother and father. Separate in different directions. Faiding in the sunset. Going their own journeys that lie. With 4 in the way. Both finding their new paths. Changing as this is happening. Children growing up. Parents growing old. Whats happening? Their new ones are here. Changing each. Father is gone his way now. He is happier than ever. Mama still struggles as she try’s to make by. Soon enough she dose. But she takes steps toward the pear to get a better look into what she want’s. A family? She is stuck with us 4 and added 2 onto the addition and a new father. He replaced the spot. Where is my own father? He’s somewhere out there. He’s at sea. I see him but he can’t see me. Father I am here waiting for you to come at last to start a new. A chance I give. Father, father here.