Heart Broken and Scammed

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SCAMMED………ok so this is going to get out eventually, and i hate that i have been lying to some of my friends about this POS woman ( to my family and friends) i apologize, but over the last year i have been in a relationship with a woman i met on the net. too make a long story short, i got scammed. To give you a small piece of how bad, i am currently sitting in a hotel room in Baltimore Maryland, Saturday night the last text i got from her stated i love you and ill see you soon, i arrived at the airport only to be standing there alone, no phone call no text. After almost a year of speaking to this woman i found out that everything she had been saying was a lie, yes and at that point i should have walked away, but being the nice guy i am, i figured there had to be a logical explanation to all of this which she stated there was…….. Im swallowing my pride and putting this out there because i need your help, i want to expose this woman for the POS she is, get her face out to as many people as possible. there is a long twisted story to all of this which i am willing to put out there for the world to see, Mostly because no one should have to go through what i have been through the last few months. Her name Kellie Marie Caswell and the person who helped her Angela Shehan both of Belton MO