My fairy tale ending.

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So I first got bullied when I was 13.
I thought “ok, talk about it being a little late for getting bullied!”
It was only then that I understood what my mother told me when I was 9!
I didn’t want to believe that people around my age would actually bully me because of my looks and how nice I was to anyone!
I didn’t believe it because as I was growing up, I was getting taller and so I thought being tall helped me from getting bullied!
I stupidly thought sure noone would want to bully someone thats taller than them, well I know; I wouldn’t.
The only problem was that because I was nice all the time noone had ever thought I could get angry.
Each time I got through it all from the help of a few friends and my mum and sister and even myself getting the nerve to keep on going through life even getting hard knocks along the way!