Rock bolt can control the unstable geological conditions

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Rock bolt uses the way of inserted into the hollow rod and later perfusion grout to anchor from the inside to the outside in the bore of the hollow rock bolt body, and outside the port holes of anchor have pulp tampon and pallets, so that it can effectively prevent the slurry spills, to ensure that the rod and the wall of the hole grouting full, so that we can pass along the full length of bolt shear stress and tensile stress, ensure rock anchoring within the range to get reinforcement. If necessary, you can also implement pressure grouting, the slurry was percolating into the fractured rock mass surrounding the rod, so rock anchoring within the range has been further reinforced. After grouting solidification, available to use torque wrench to tighten the nut, providing 10KN pallet resistance around the bolt ends in the formation and mechanical anchors have similar spherical pressure area, which can be controlled after the initial deformation of rock excavation, to prevent broken rock fall.
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