Unfair Suspension

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In May 2017, I was suspended for a day from my private school. That morning was a normal morning I felt great, saw my best friend in the hallway on the way to class, and I felt awesome. Then I walked into my first-period class. The class that bullies me and talks shit about me every single day. I have been putting up with it all year, but on this particular day, I snapped. Before I snapped my side of the classroom was talking about rape. Then I went on and commented on how someone was raped in my family. While we’re talking the teacher tells us to be quiet. I kept talking because I was focused on the conversation. Then my friend beside me told me to be quiet and told me to explain the work to her. So as I was explaining it this guy, let’s call him Tristian. Tristian told me to shut-up and I said why don’t you shut the fuck up. See this guy has been irking my nerves all year. He makes fun of me, comments on the way I look, tells me I should dress better, calls me names, and tells me I should just shut up because my voice is annoying. When I told the Dean this he didn’t even seem to care. He said I make things seem like they’re never my fault. The Dean took the side of the boy and let him go. They called the teacher in and asked her what happened. She said she doesn’t hear our conversations but she has always seen Tristian talk to my friend and another and laugh at me. Then he asked me why I was talking about rape. I said I don’t know who brought it up but I stopped talking about it. He blamed me for the rape conversation. I felt as I was put in a sexist situation and suspension was not necessary. Because if I got suspended for cursing shouldn’t the whole school be? And why did I get in trouble for standing up for myself. I mean people get tired of people walking all over them.