Rock bolts from Sinorock is useful for engineerings

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The self drilling rock bolt in Sinorock can be well connected with drilling machine, rock bolting jumbo, grouting machine, etc.The hollow anchor bar is a drill pipe which is convenient and time-saving, it can transmit structural load to foundation and then limit the deformation of buildings. Because of it with standard full thread, it can be cut and lengthened according to clients’ specific demands. The anchor bar can be connected by couplings and it is suitable in narrow work spaces. Clients can choose different drill bits for different ground conditions. Based on the different specifications of anchor bar, the technical parameters is different, and the ultimate load, yield load is different, too. Owing to the conventional standards of self drilling anchor bar: R-thread (25/32/38/51mm) and T-thread (30/40/52/73/76/103/111/127mm), it provides higher bonding stress than smooth steel pipe.
Sinorock is considered one of the most successful rock bolts suppliers in the world, and its brands “Sinorock” globally recognised. As an international company, we are able to efficiently support projects that require design and supply coordination across several countries. In this role we are fully aware of our global, local and social responsibility, and take these obligations very seriously in our attitudes to human rights and business ethics. We set ourselves high standards in our relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. Our dealings at all levels are characterised by trust, respect and reliability.
As the company that invented rock bolt technology, Sinorock holds a unique place in the history of civil construction and tunneling. The Sinorock brand has become synonymous with the anchoring product category it invented. From the self drilling rock bolt to our latest initiatives, we continue to innovate and lead the industry with labor saving, high quality and performance Sinorock designs and solutions.