It could happen to anyone

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I have always had a tough time keeping jobs throughout my life. But I had held my last job for 16 years. I went from being an asset to being a problem to the company. I trained eleven people and came back from vacation to find out my job title was eliminated.They told me they would find me another job ,but came back and said I made too much money. So at 55 years old I was forced to look for employment again. My wife and I decided to move to Ohio and live a cheaper life. I struggled to find work and the unemployment benefits ran out. I decided to get a CDL license and work Over the road. I really struggled but got the CDL on the last try. I was very happy and proud of the accomplishment. I went out on the road with a teammate who made all the rules. He insisted that I sleep on top bunk. When in LA he placed a box of tissues on the step and I fell and hit my head.I wa rushed to the hospital and they said I had a concussion. When I came back to the truck stop I was informed I had to board a bus and take a trip back to Ohio.When I was back I kept having headaches and had to postpone driving for a while. I took a job at a grocery store in a deli for a week but the pay was 8 an hour. No way I could afford to live on that. Then out of no where a job popped into my lap. Driving a water truck at 18 an hour. That was more money than I ever made!I worked for 3 months and was doing well. The job was dirty and tough but the money was good.I decided I want to do more for the company so I created a website and re-wrote the employee handbook. One week before Christmas I was asked to see the VP for a meeting. I thought maybe they were going to offer me a job. I was devastated to find out I was being terminated because of something I did not do. The only reason was I was there and they were holding me responsible for losing a account. I was furious and after I calmed down I went home. On he way I called a supervisor and told him what happened. That he had set me up and he should get my job back. I went home and got a call from the police. They said they wanted to talk to me. They outside my house and said there reports of threats made from me and was going to buy a gun and kill myself. I have never owned a gun and my son commuted suicide. Two things I would never do. The police asked me o get in the vehicle and they needed to question me. I naturally cooperated and went with them. After waiting in a small room for a half hour they finally came in . After the questions they gave me 2 choices. Either go to Mental hospital for 24 hour observation or face charges (which there were none). Not wanting a record and the need to find a job quick I chose the hospital. I signed the papers and was told it was 24 hours. When I got the mental hospital I found out they had the right to hold anyone for 72 hours. Also they told me if I didn’t take their medication they could hold me longer. My wife contacted a lawyer and we were able to get a release on Monday. I wanted to tell this story to let everyone know that if someone files a report on you. Weather it is true or false. You have no rights! Anyone can have you committed . In hind-site maybe I should have just faced the charges. The cop said later I probably would have been released that night.