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It was quite obvious that I couldn’t wait more, so I did it first .And he also added me .I can’t express what I felt that time, time passed ,we befriends with each other in this great social network called FACEBOOK, we used to chat sometimes. His department was different from me,so,I could see him very often .But I wished to god everyday that made us meet again, though god didn’t listen to me ,I only could see him on Monday in a week, sometimes that also didn’t happen .I was totally going through “Fall in Love period” .I don’t know why I falled in love again,that was quiet unusual thing for me, because I never wanted to fall in love for some past experiences, and I thought I had left the emotions that attached to love in the rush of my life,which was proved wrong ,but it may be infatuations ,so,its better to take time to understand myself.
One day, I gave him my number, he was surprised because this things happen from the side of boys,I told him anytime he needs me in any situation,call me,I would be very happy if I could help him in any matter.I seriously didn’t want his number and I didn’t do this for getting his cell number ,but he gave it to me ,might be thinking off that I’ve done this to get his number.
After few days ,on a weekend,14th january I dialed his number ,I was very nervous ,and I really didn’t mean to meet him ,but my friends wanted to meet him, they thought something was going in between us. So,if they can help us in this matter. Rai was not there ,she was in KOLKATA for some health issues ,my other two friends JYOTI and PIU were very eager to meet him ,I really didn’t want to meet him ,I really wanted to suppress my feelings, but who could stop ,Its god’s job to do and undo it again.I told him,he agreed to meet us,that day he first time opened his life stories,his troubles ,his past love story .and he was treating us like little sisters,my friends all-time was trying to bring us close,I was really angry with them,I didn’t like their job.