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I dont usually show my emotions alot , I laugh here and there due smoking a couple blunts lol I show no feelings, Somebody who would say something about me or perceived I was bad in any way I shrug it off my shoulders I try to not let it affect me in any way shape or form because I am me , noone else is me , you are you , yourself , your own, unique, one of a kind as I am myself . So if you brand me idc what you say I am me I know me , its as if you put a peanut butter label on a honey jar , when you go to make that peanut butter and jelly and you get a spoonful of that labeled “peanut butter” its gonna taste like honey , smell like honey , & look like honey that label did nothing but cloud your judgment, dont see me as what other say I am but as what I show you , I give the loyal loyaly and the trustworthy the truth , I cant say im an honest man because I would be lying but I can tell you if theres noone in the world who got your back ill get your back , help you get back up , thats who I am , I want to help people , I love all people, people who wish me bad I wish the best for , let them find peace as I did find love in life and enjoy .
My favorite quote is ” for in fighting the battle , bloodshed, already lost we have.” – Yoda