The Society for the Presentation of Useful knowledge

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‘Welcome, Welcome everyone and thank you for arriving at the centre tonight to discuss this new society that will benifit many people and help them to regain and magnify their knowledge and confidence in their chosen discipline’

The Chair of the society looked upon a hall filled with hopeful, curious faces, echoes of lowered conversations circled the hall in a warm murmur.

‘Many of you who are present today are seeking new employment or have recently dealt with leaving a job they imagined would be permanent. You are here because you are looking for an alternative to the seeking and the absence of growth and progression in your life which you would see filled with new ventures and experiences in a time when retraining is at a price. You are here because you have a wealth of academic information unique to your chosen career and university experience that lies within your mind and is known expertly to you.’

The Chair was aware that silence and rapture had decended upon the crowd and continued.

‘I propose that we learn to convey this knowledge to each other refining our presentation skills and creating discussion so that we remember our own disciplines again and that we continue to use these valuable skills in a time when so many of us are isolated because of the end of the Celtic Tiger. It is an unselfish act to impart your knowledge freely to another but just think of how much we can gain in return. Instead of the internal drawing of our own knowledge or what we remember of it for our everyday work tasks we will be forced to re-examine this internal knowedge in such a way that we can impart it in public and communicate it to an intellegent novice.’

‘For too long we have limited the human mind with ‘areas of specialisation’. It is now that we need to cultivate Polymaths in these challenging times. I ask you members, open your minds to the fact that you can improve upon the knowledge that you hold by shining the mirror of a separate discipline onto its mass in order to give you inspiration and the group thinking that will carry us jointly out of the Celtic Tiger funeral and into the recovery and new enlightenent of ideas that we, each and everyone of us has so dear within us. I say to you, members that all of your knowledge and achievement though in pause is worth it and can once more be put to fruition’

The crowd looks at one another and a knowing common atmosphere creeps around the room, one person then three stands up then gradually the whole crowd and the applause resounds…it is the begining of recovery.